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About our Butter (Organic, Grass Fed)


Organic Grass Fed Butter from Acorn Dairy - Salted, 250g Ingredients: Organic Cream (milk), Salt Churned in small batches, to create a naturally sweet and creamy butter - with a good pinch of salt. Organic grass fed salted butter from Acorn Dairy - repeatedly scoring at the top of Ethical Consumer's leaderboard for dairy. They give their cows the best possible conditions so they are happy in their surroundings. Happy cows are healthy cows, which means better butter too! - Oudoor & Grass fed: Cows are outside for the large majority of the year - spring, summer and autumn (and have ample space when inside in winter). They are provided with forage to naturally graze and eat. - 100% Antibiotic free: Acorn's Cows are not routinely fed antibiotics. If they need treatment for any specific illnesses, they are not milked for human consumption during this time. The herd also receives high levels of care and attention year round, leading to fewer health problems to take hold.

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