Vegan Block Dairy Free Butter (Organic)

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About our Vegan Block Dairy Free Butter (Organic)


Naturli have always been at the forefront of creating non dairy products, with all the taste and mouthfeel we're used to. This butter-alternative, Vegan Block is both organic and made from a high quality blend of shea, coconut, rapeseed and almond. It ticks all the boxes of salted white butter, but isn't as harmful as margerine and other hyrogenised fat spreads. It's great on toast and sandwiches, but also makes one of the best butters for baking. Worth a try - it's improved some ouf our recipes! Ingredients: Shea Butter Oil* (43%), Water, Coconut Oil* (21%), Rapeseed Oil* (11%), Salt, Almond* (1%), Carrot Juice*, Emulsifier (Lecithin*), Lemon Juice*, Natural Flavouring, *Organic Tip: like it spreadable but don't like the plastic tub? Leave it out of the fridge, and it'll spread just great.

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