Local Raw Honey

227g Bearded Barista or Hill Top Bees (Edgworth)

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About our Local Raw Honey


Locally sourced clear honey, nothing added and only filtered. This honey usually comes from local supplier The Bearded Barista, or Summerseat Honey. *Update - Our current batch of honey is from Hill Top Bees - based in Edgworth. Just a few miles from Plentiful!* Active in the local beekeeping community, he mentors others to begin keeping bees and distributing their honey in the local area. Please note: if we are unable to supply this specific honey, you may occasionally receive from another local supplier (in either Edgworth or Rawtenstall). All of our suppliers are within 6 miles of the shop, and one is mentored by The Bearded Barista too! TIP: Is your honey crystalised? Whiter in colour and more spreadable than pourable? Pop the jar in some hot water or on the radiator for a while and it'll return to its usual clear state. It just got cold! Alternatively - if you like your honey more solid - pop it in the fridge for a short while!

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