Wholemeal Sourdough

Locally Baked with Organic Flour

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About our Wholemeal Sourdough


Made in Burnley, this bread has got its own fan club here at Plentiful. It's our number 1 top seller. Fermented and proved over days, this is sourdough bread as it should be. The crust caramelises to make it crunch, and the inside is dense, moist and well risen to form holes. Health wise, many people find it much easier to digest. This may be because the gluten is partially broken down by the lactobilli bacteria and yeasts. It may also be its lesser amount of FODMAPS (carbohydrates that some people are sensitive to) as they are broken down too. Sourdough, being fermented, is also a great prebiotic and the process promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Incredible with our grass fed butter, organic eggs and avocado. TIP: Slice and wrap in baking paper or reused plastic and pop it in the freezer for any-time toast!

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